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Rev. Samuel Chiu is the Minister in Charge of Sherwood Methodist Church. He was born in Taiwan, and was converted to Christianity during his high school years. He was called into full time ministry after a few years of working as a mechanical engineer. He and his wife, Ruth, embarked on their studies at Singapore Bible College, and then at Trinity Theological College in Singapore. Samuel and Ruth have just celebrated their 20th anniversary, and it is also their 20th years in full time ministry. They have one son, Kairos, and one daughter, Elpeace.

Rev. Sean Kong is the English Pastor of Sherwood Methodist Church. He studied his MDiv in Brisbane School of Theology. He began serving in Sherwood from 2014. He enjoys movies, travelling and loves spending time with his wife, Jane, and their young son, Yohan, and daughter, Eugenie. 

Ps. Yan Bi is the Local Pastor of Sherwood Methodist Church. She has been with Sherwood since 2010. She came from China to do research in public health as a life scientist in Australia, and was called to study her MDiv in Brisbane School of Theology, after completing her PhD research in 2013. She and her husband Guojun have one adult son, Terry.  

Rev. Paul Wong is a Retired Attached Minister of Sherwood Methodist Church. Rev. Wong came from Sarawak, East Malaysia. He completed his theological course in Trinity College and served in Foochow Methodist Church in Singapore. In 1996, he started his ministry in Adelaide, Australia, and was posted to Brisbane serving the Lord in Sherwood Methodist Church since 2000 till to now.

Rev. Michael Tan is a Retired Attached Minister of Sherwood Methodist Church. Rev. Tan has more than forty years of church ministry and leadership experience, having served in churches throughout Malaysia, Singapore, the United States and Australia. Most of Rev. Tan's theological qualifications were gained in south-east Asia. However, he also studied at the Claremont School of Theology in California and was a visiting scholar at Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Boston. Rev. Tan spends a lot of time preaching, teaching and encouraging congregations in many of Brisbane’s Chinese churches.

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